Apex Systems Inc.

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Fast Facts

Headquarters: Richmond, VA
North American Markets: 60+
Year established: 1995

2014 Placements: 24,500
2014 Customers: 1,250

Sales & Recruiting staff: 625+
Support staff: 375+

2nd Largest IT Staffing Firm*
2015 Best of Staffing™ Client

*Combined with On Assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

My company has a job opening in a city where we do not see an Apex Systems office yet. Can you still help us?

Absolutely. We have made many successful remote placements for our clients through our national branch network and our National Recruiting Center (NRC). Our quality processes allow us to perform searches and qualify potential candidates for any location.

If we hire a contract employee from Apex Systems, does that employee sign a contract as well?

Yes. All Apex contract employees are required to sign an Apex Systems Contract Employee Agreement that defines the terms of their employment with you.

How quickly can Apex find candidates?

We provide candidates to all of our customers quickly – usually you will see the first within 24 hours.

We already have an internal recruiting staff. Can Apex Systems help us above and beyond what we can already do ourselves?

We have made it our sole business to find the best talent available, and we can assist your internal recruiters in a much wider and more comprehensive search. This is particularly important when a specific job skill, experience level, or specialty is required or when a position needs to be filled quickly. Best of all for you is that there is no up front expense- we are only compensated if we make a successful placement.

We need staffing help, but might not need a permanent employee. Can Apex Systems help me in any other ways?

Yes. Apex Systems can provide job talent in temp-to-hire and contract employee arrangements, in addition to direct placements.

We have a very specific talent need. Does Apex Systems have the resources to find someone with experience in a particular niche?

Yes. Apex Systems has built an extensive talent pool ranging from people just starting out to those with years of experience in particular specialties. Once we understand what you need, we can provide you with potential candidate choices that closely match your requirements.

We already have a relationship with other staffing vendors. Why should we consider using Apex Systems?

In reality, you benefit from having multiple vendors as there is no cost for employee searches. Your fee is charged only after you have selected an employee. Since no one staffing firm can know all the available candidates, it behooves you to pull from several candidate pools. It is our job to consistently locate and maintain current information on available top talent so we can provide you with the ideal candidates when you need them. We are a proven vendor for hundreds of top companies and corporations throughout the U.S., and we are sure we will become one of your top vendors as well.

What if we don’t like any of the candidates that Apex sent to us for a particular opening?

It would be extremely rare that none of the candidates are suitable for the position, but it can happen. In that case, contact your Account Manager. He or she will gladly review your requirements to ensure that we are conducting the correct search, or to make adjustments to our search parameters. He or she will then provide you with another set of candidates.

What are Apex’s fees, and how are they structured?

The fee range depends upon the experience, skill set, and market value of the desired employee. Rest assured that we always define and work within your budget, and we work as your partner to serve your needs. You will find our fees are extremely competitive and never exceed fair market value. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.