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RICHMOND, VA – March 14, 2011- Apex Systems, Inc. today announced that it has been made aware of several phishing scams involving organizations unlawfully claiming to be Apex Systems, Inc. Generally, these organizations are soliciting consumers under the guise of false job postings on web sites or in emails in an attempt to obtain confidential credit or personal information.

Apex Systems is in no way related to the organizations placing these fraudulent job postings and is working directly with local, state and federal authorities to assist in the criminal prosecution of the parties involved. Moreover, Apex Systems, Inc. recruiters do not request this type of information from potential employees through the use of email or web sites.

If you see one of these postings or receive an email solicitation, we ask that you please take the following actions:

1)  Do not respond to the job posting or provide any information to the organization.

2)  Report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.

3)  Send an email to Apex Systems at lstevens@apexsystemsinc.com informing us of the incident.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please email Apex Systems at lstevens@apexsystemsinc.com.